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iCoach Field Hockey

4.3 ( 9603 ratings )
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4.99 USD

This app tracks your lineup, allows for whiteboarding of plays, and
selecting various formations to show positioning, passing, and other things
you would show on a field hockey whiteboard. This app allows your players to
better understand the game of field hockey, and therefore perform at a
higher level.

Are you a field hockey coach and need to help your players understand a new
formation or better understand positioning in your current formation? Do
your defenders get shredded like cheese by opponents quick passing? Does
your team have trouble keeping depth in the midfield? Do you have trouble
keeping track of your roster? Have trouble explaining how drills are going
to work at practice? Need to do some in game coaching to help a player
understand where he/she should have passed the ball, or the run they should
have made?